Software engineer

As a software engineer, I strive for Clean Code and am committed to continuously improve my skills.

How it started

I code for the Web since my adolescence. When I was twelve years old, I got my hands on a clunky notebook connected to the Internet. At the beginning, I was just discovering the Internet, but soon I wanted to create a website on my own. Therefore, I taught myself HTML, CSS and JavaScript by reading a few books and websites. Having created my first website, I wondered how to treat the data entered into a contact form. Hence, I learned PHP and MySQL and quickly achieved doing some back-end coding.

Besides programming and going to school, computer games played another important role in my youth since I had started using handheld and video game consoles. However, I realized that the notebook’s hardware was too weak for the newest games. Therefore, I acquired the knowledge to assemble a computer myself and built a gaming computer. Since then, I have enjoyed fixing and upgrading my own computer myself. During my final two years of school, I also learned the programming language Delphi, which is a dialect of (Object) Pascal.

After finishing high school, I studied media informatics at Saarland University. The curriculum has been very similar to the one of informatics. Indeed, the main difference is that design and psychology are fixed as minors instead of being able to choose them freely. During that time, I deepened my knowledge of software development, databases, networks, user experience design, security and privacy through my studies, second jobs and internships. Some of my study projects can be found among others at the end of this page.


Category Subject
Programming languages C++*, C#**, Java***, JavaScript***, PHP**, Python**, TypeScript***
Markup languages HTML***, JSON***, LaTex**, XML**
Style sheet languages CSS***, SCSS**
Databases NoSQL* (MongoDB*), SQL** (MySQL**, Oracle**, PostgreSQL**)
Frameworks for back-end ASP.NET**, Django*, Express*, NestJS**, symfony*, Spring**
Frameworks for front-end Bootstrap**, Knockout.js***, Quasar**, React*, Vue.js**
Version control systems Apache Subversion (SVN)**, Git***
IDEs Android Studio**, Arduino***, eclipse**, Microsoft Visual Studio**, NetBeans**, Visual Studio Code***
Server Apache HTTP**, Apache Tomcat*, Apache WebLogic*, nginx**
Package managers npm***, pip**
Other tools gulp**, Hugo**, Maven**, Node.js***, Vite**, webpack**

Legend: * some experience, ** medium experience, *** much experience (based on self-assessment)



Selection of projects

Connector for Mobilizon

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Making Chromium's Certificate Transparency integration more accessible

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Stadtgeschichten: A location-aware audio guide

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AppScrobbler: A mobile application giving users insight into their app usage

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