As facilitator, I enable people and make the interactions among each other easier. I highly value the diversity in each group, which I see as crucial to effective collaboration. As I am convinced that social change will be facilitated, I offer my facilitation skills to every group interested. Get in touch with me via e-mail if you are interested.

Dragon Dreaming background

Dragon Dreaming is a group collaboration process you can use to realize every sparkling idea. Compared with other processes, the ideas of every group member are included in the final goals, so everybody feels motivated to work towards them. Additionally, its process is divided into four equally important phases: dreaming, planning, doing and celebrating. Dreaming and celebrating are valued in this process more than in our today’s society.

I have been experiencing the Dragon Dreaming process for more than four years now. Since a friend introduced one of its tools to a common group in 2015, I have been fascinated and wanted to know more. I read the free international e-book and co-facilitated the whole process when co-founding a local Transition Town initiative in 2016. After all these experiences, some questions had remained open, and a few issues had popped up. Therefore, I attended the one-week Dragon Dreaming project design workshop by Ulrike Reimann and by Peter Kuklis in Milna in Croatia in 2017 as well as the first Collaboration Incubator weekend by Manuela Bosch and by Huge in Berlin, Germany. Both events provided me with a deeper and clearer understanding. I have been using the process in the Songlines project since then.

Currently, I am offering my expertise to others. I offer Dragon Dreaming introduction workshops and process facilitation, but I do not limit myself to these tools.

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